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  • We offer over 500 different items to choose from and over 40 000 pieces of equipment in inventory. We are constantly increasing our inventory to meet the needs for any type of event. With our great expansion in cooking equipment, lounge/furniture, and décor; whether you need large cooking equipment like ovens, deep fryers, food warmers, fridges or original pieces to make your catering event unique. Here at Celefete, we have everything you need to make your event a success.


We know and understand the hassles of planning an event, and we know how much stress is involved to ensure that everything works out perfectly. With the guidance of our highly trained consultants, we are more than glad to take the time to go over the details step by step to ensure that you will find exactly what you are looking for, while assisting you in the planning, budgeting, and completion of your event.

Ensure Your Event Is A Success

We offer a numerous amount of references to help complete your event. Whether you are looking for caterers, bonbonieres, photographers, wedding cards, or reception halls, we have ties with top of the line companies in the industry to ensure your event is a success. (Follow references tab)

We pride ourselves with our prompt service and renowned customer satisfaction throughout our years of service

Celefete Rentals is a true leader in Party Rental Services, and we are sure you would be more than pleased with our rental variety and unique customer service.

Whether you are a highly reputed caterer serving thousands of guests, a company, or a family throwing a themed holiday party,

Make your special event a success

Whether you are catering an indoor or outdoor event, we can also provide you with the décor, party tents, flooring, dishes and cooking equipment for an outdoor blast.

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We offer over 500 different items to choose from and over 40 000 pieces of equipment in inventory.